Best Quality Fake Balenciaga Clothing Pants Black Khaki Embroidery Polyester Spandex Fall/Winter Collection


¥ 580
New autumn and winter products!Balencia*A.
French high -luxury products with low -key but exquisitely passionate traditional handicrafts.

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¥ 580
New autumn and winter products! Balencia*A.
French high -luxury products with low -key but exquisiteness are keen on traditional handicrafts. Its superb craftsmanship and superior materials can be said to be able to use or even life for a long time. It has always been based on the exquisite handmade and aristocratic design style at the peak of the classic clothing brand. The clothing is luxurious, conservative, and noble. Humanity. The Parisians may not make you at a glance at a glance, but the long -standing long years of precipitated years will bred the unique charm of amazing time in the long river of time. It is what you can enjoy under the careful taste.
Balman’s latest launch of this extraordinary casual pants, uniquely customized fabrics are the focus of this! 98%polyester fiber diagonal fabric+2%spandex and environmental protection level is created, and then refined with exclusive fabric production process, eventually quenching such top -quality fabrics, a new comfortable skin, light, stylish, refreshing and breathable And the injection of the spandex ingredients makes it have a strong slight elasticity. In the texture, it is better than all market goods, and you can feel the most top comfort! In line with the three -dimensional cut -up pants shape of the human body, modify your long and perfect perfect figure!
The embroidered letter pattern on the back bag of the trousers is the soul of the whole pants. The abstract pattern embroidered by imported high -end machine heavy work is comparable to the level of high -definition! In terms of visuality, the outline is beautiful. The outline lines that start to the end are extremely smooth and smooth. The touch is bumpy and comfortable. There is no haircut at all, showing a different top quality! Intersection Intersection The elasticity of the imported loose waist is strong, and it is also equipped with exclusive custom -made drawing and a laser pattern at the bottom of the customized clock. It also engraved the brand iconic double B letters at the bottom. The details are enough to reflect the quality. The sports version is comfortable Loose is not bloated, suitable for all kinds of body shapes and not picking people. High -quality elasticity is loose, not easy to lose, and durable. Whether from the sense of design to the material, the fashion sport is versatile, and the various styles are easy to relax. Hold it! Intersection

Color: black khaki color
Size: m ~ 3xl
M code waist circumference 76 -hip circumference 108 -trousers long 100
L code waist circumference 80-hip circumference 112-trousers long 101
XL coding waist circumference 84-hip circumference 116-trousers long 101
XXL Code Bulfin 88-Glores 120-Pants Long 102
3xl code waist circumference 92-hip circumference 124-trousers long 102

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Fall/Winter Collection


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